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Sculpture Designing & Manufacturing


18-Year Experience

With 18-years experience in sculpture designing and manufacturing, Vincentaa keeps focusing on inviting the best artists around the world to join its sculpture design studio and improving the lost-wax casting quality in order to supply customers with the best artistic casting quality.


1200+ Projects

Vincentaa’s team is specializing in huge bronze statues, bronze Buddha statues, bronze Hindu statues, bronze figure statues, bronze animal statues, and table-top bronze arts.

In the past 18 years, 1200+ different bronze statues projects around the world were finished, including 125ft buddha statue, a 15ft custom bronze statue of the ex-president of Togo in Africa, Lord Shiva bronze statue, also hundreds of pieces of horse statues.

No matter it is for the decoration of a temple, landscape, park or a villa, Vincentaa is always your best choice.

Anyone wants to be an agent or a dealer of Vincentaa in India, do not hesitate to contact us at Vincent@vincentaaindia.com


Looking for Partner
We are looking forward to partners in India, if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact 

Our temporary office is located in Mumbai, which is near to the Bombay Exhibition Center, welcome to visit us.

Bronze Statue Art Sculptures

" We are aiming at supplying art-quality bronze statues for home, temple and the public. "

Vincent Du 
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