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Buddhism was born in India. We are highlighting the Buddhism religion in India and Buddhism religion history.

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Learned Artisans Behind Large Bronze Buddha Statues
Buddhism, or the spiritual tradition of the awakened one, Buddha, (Buddha-dharma) is regarded as one of the three most widespread major world religions. Buddhism was founded by the historical Buddha Shakyamuni or Gautama, in the 5th or the 6th centuries B.C.E.
In the 1951 census of India, 1.81 lakh (0.05%) respondents said they were Buddhist. The 1961 census, taken after B. R. Ambedkar adopted Navayana Buddhism with his millions of followers in 1956, showed an increase to 3.2 million (0.74%).
 Our artisans have well versed with the learning and teachings of Buddha. It inspires them to incorporate the same ethos whilst designing and sculpting the large bronze statues.   


At Vincentaa India, our Buddha artist team respect Buddhism and some of our artists are Buddhists so that they can make excellent buddha statue designs. They pay close attention to the intricate curves and curvatures to ensure perfect design and manufacture of the sculpture.

We supply custom-made service for bronze Buddha statues
a bronze Buddha statue can 100% customized based on your requests-Size, Design and surface treatment & color. Our one-stop shop takes care of every single aspect of your project with immaculate planning and execution.
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Our Buddha statues includes Table-top size (from 10cm to 80cm), life-size (from 80-200cm), Large size (from 200cm-20meters), Huge size (from 20meters to 200meters)
With years of dedicated perseverance, we have mastered the art of lost wax casting to provide the finest range of bronze Buddha sculptures to our clients. Irrespective of the shape or size you choose, our commitment remains unspotted and unadulterated in rendering our services.
We understand that cost can be a crucial factor when it comes to such humongous bronze buddha sculptures or statues. However, we continuously strive to eliminate every single point of wastage and establish high operational efficiency to provide your best price. 
If you seek more information or seek consultation on small, average or large bronze buddha statues for sale, we are just a call away.
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Several Videos about Buddha statues for you!
We hope the videos would have given you a fair insight into the quantum of work that goes behind designing and creating some of the largest Buddha sculptures around the world. If you wish to add more glory to your city or state, then large bronze Buddha statues are an ideal match.
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