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One-Stop Solution Service for 

Large & Huge Bronze Hindu Statues

As the world-leading bronze sculpture designer & manufacturer, Vincentaa (India) is specialized in customizing Huge bronze statues (higher than 25m)

At Vincentaa, we supply the one-stop solution service for your bronze Hindu statue project, which includes designing, quotation, mold making, casting, transportation, installation, souvenirs (small size statues ), production photos & videos and also new websites (like the website of the statue of unity



Only Life, Large & Huge Size

For bronze Hindu statues, we only accept custom-made service for life, large & huge sizes and so far there is no table-top size. (Customized size should be larger than height 2m )

What Designs You Can Make?

We supply custom-made service for any Hindu God, what the customer needs to do is sending us some photos that he likes. Then our artist team and engineering team will help him to confirm the final statue design and our quotation for this project

Following small-size statues are made for the design confirmation with customers which is just finish in the last two month. They are all for large size statue projects (9m and 18m).

You can see our quality very well based on the following two Hindu God statues

What Size You Can Make?

Vincentaa India is specializing in life-size, large size and huge size bronze hindu statues.

Life Size: 150cm-200cm   Large Size: 200cm-25m   Huge Size: More than 25m

Follow is a Buddha statue in the height of 38m which was made in China 

Huge Bronze Statue (1)
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IMG_2712 (1)
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IMG_2709 (2)
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IMG_2718 (1)
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Finished 54m buddha (1)
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IMG_2713 (1)
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IMG_2716 (1) (1)
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IMG_2715 (1)
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Mold (2)
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Mold (1) (1)
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54 m Buddha (2).JPG (2) (1)
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SANY0019.JPG (1)
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What Colors You Can Make?

Custom-Made Colors

There are tens of bronze colors (patina) we can make, but for large and huge size bronze statue, we only recommend the following color which is also the most popular colors around the world.

DSC_9654.JPG (1).jpg
Finished Sculpture (1) (1).jpg
DSC_1078.JPG (1).jpg



At Vincentaa India, we use advanced lost-wax casting technique which will give our customer a better quality. We confident that our bronze sculpture can stand for hundreds of years

Affordable & Competitive


30% Discount At Most

All our artist teams and engineer has more than 10 years of experience. We know how to control the quality and also the cost. 


Contact us right now and let our artist team and engineer team help your project



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